GMTHINK (Greater Manchester Tackling Homelessness Information NetworK) was the brainchild of Shelter and Manchester City Council, originally designed to form the client monitoring mechanism for the Inspiring Change Big Lottery funded programme, helping people who have multiple complex needs in the Manchester City area.

Back in 2015 GMTHINK was used predominately by Shelter to record achievements and goals, with a new asset-based approach to working with people. This meant asking questions like 'What are your interests, and what are your strengths?' This has helped create a service which asks clients what they want to achieve rather than  just creating a list of problems. Incorporating NDT and the Outcome Star into the system has helped develop a holistic approach.

In addition to developing the system architecture, Ian advised on the setting up of a steering group, data protection materials (in light of GDPR) and reporting mechanisms. 

Salesforce developments have included a bespoke mapping tool to help outreach users out in the field locate rough sleepers and create hotspot maps and respond to Streetlink referrals. 

GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authorities) is using GMTHINK to administer their Social Impact bond programme, managing a cohort of rough sleepers, recording outcomes and verifications and managing the referral process.



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