Community Land Trusts (CLTs) provide genuinely and permanently affordable homes, so that people are no longer priced out of the neighbourhoods they call home.​


CLT homes are priced according to local earnings, ensuring that people are no longer priced out of the neighbourhood they grew up in. The contract signed upon moving in makes sure that all residents have to sell the home to the next household again at a price according to local earnings. This means the homes can be sold on again at a similarly affordable level every time a new family moves in.

Ian developed a system which leverages the Customer Community offering from Salesforce - designed to offer a cost effective access for customers (in this case members of London Community Land Trust and applicants for housing within the scheme).

Currently working with LCLT on the their site redesign, Ian will be using the new Napili template which is Lightning ready and acts as an unauthenticated site (for people interested in the work of the trust) and a membership portal for both people wanting to register for news updates, and for those wanting to apply for a house under the scheme.



95 Croydon Road

London SE20 7SX